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Head Office:  Albert Ziegler GmbH, Albert-Ziegler-Str. 1, 89537 Giengen a. d. Brenz, Germany

Telephone: +49 7322 951 0? ? Email: Click to email??? Website: Click to visit website

ZIEGLER Group is a leading international supplier of vehicles for firefighting, civil protection and the police, as well as firefighting accessories and technology. The comprehensive product range includes clothing for the firefighting services to highly specialized pumping and fire extinguishing systems to all kinds of emergency vehicles. Out of currently more than 1,400 employees worldwide, around 700 are employed at the headquarters in Giengen an der Brenz, Germany. Other ZIEGLER manufacturing facilities are located in Germany (Rendsburg and Mühlau) as well as the Netherlands,Croatia, Italy and Indonesia. Sales and service offices can also be found in the Slovenia and China.

ZIEGLER provides security. – the brand promise clearly shows what the brand ZIEGLER stands for. This is why customers worldwide trust ZIEGLER products – from standard fire and rescue vehicles to special vehicles, airport firefighting vehicles and roll containers to a huge assortment of in-house produced pumps, hoses and firefighting equipment.

At ZIEGLER, it goes without saying that the quality is always tested and certified. ZIEGLER products are manufactured according to all of the latest national and international norms and standards and also based on the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

With more than 50 partners worldwide, 9 production sites and over 900 firefighting vehicles produced yearly worldwide, ZIEGLER has a strong network and is well prepared for the needs of our customers. Due to the extreme stability and longevity of all ZIGLER products, the company is not only the first choice when it comes to manufacturers for users, but also provides maximum investment security for procurers.

ZIEGLER is always aware of the megatrends and pays special attention to them when it comes to the development for the future. Therefore all of the ZIEGLER core competencies are prepared for the future and ready for your next challenge.


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Telephone: +49 7322 951 0? ? Email: Click to email??? Website: Click to visit website

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