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Telephone: +33 4 74 70 23 81 ?Email:?Click to email????Website:?Click to visit website

Head Office:  5 chemin de Clape Loup, 69280 Sainte-Consorce, France

The BIOex?Company specialises in the manufacture of fire fighting foam concentrates to address all risk, its plant is located at Montrottier, near Lyon, in France.

BIOex offers a complete range of fire fighting foam concentrates.?BIOex designs and manufactures synthetic and protein foams including HI-EX, AFFF, Alcohol Resistant, class A and Training foams.

BIOex?fire fighting foams comply with international standards: EN 1568, ISO, ICAO, IMO, VERITAS, LASTFIRE, GESIP, UL…

Expertise, reactivity and flexibility are the strong points recognized by our clients.

Our Research and Development Department enables?BIOex to propose a range of 100% fluorine free foams which are completely bio-degradable and an environmental friendly alternative to existing foams:

Bio For – Class A foam
Bio T – Training foam
Ecopol – Fluorine free foam AR 3×3

BIOex?has also developed specialities such as our neutralizing additive for toxic vapors: Neutral Plus.

Its laboratory relies on a specialist team skilled in fire fighting foams, giving to BIO-EX a technical leadership in the field.

Our Fire fighting foams are designed to provide the best extinguishing performance and to meet international standards with consideration to health and hygiene.

Leaders for more than 10 years in FFF (Fluoro Free Foam) Technology, we continue to evaluate ecological alternatives to traditional fluorinated foams. FFF Technology is an essential part of our future development.

BIO-EX laboratory offers its expertise by control analysis for all BIO-EX foams and others foam products and a broad scope of accurate analysis to answer customers’ requests.

We invite you to visit our website www.bio-ex.com where you will find the technical data sheets regarding our range of products.

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Telephone: +33 4 74 70 23 81 ?Email:?Click to email????Website:?Click to visit website

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